Soup Club

Looking for a healthy meal replacement to help you shed a few pounds?
Craving that home cooked avor but don’t have the time?
On a special diet that calls for only whole food ingredients, free of GMO’s, gluten, additives, preservatives and sugar?
Recovering from invasive treatments?

Let us make your life a little easier….


How it works: Sign up for a 1 month 3 month or 6 month subscription.

What is it: 2 different 32oz soups are delivered to your home or office once a week for the length of you subscription. Pick up at our office is also available for a discounted rate.

Soups Are Always: Made with organic ingredients, vegan and gluten free, flavors change weekly.

What our loyal customers tell us:
“I ate your soups instead of my regular lunches for 1 month and lost 10 pounds”

“Your soup sustained me during my treatments”

“It is so nice to have something healthy, delicious and easy to serve my family”

One Month – $130
Three Months – $350
Six Months -$ 685

Pick up- Deduct $20 from subscription price with coupon code LOCALPICKUP